2.3. Tags

After your Red Hat Gluster Storage is set up and configured to your requirements, you can customize the way you work with it using tags. Tags provide one key advantage to system administrators - they allow system resources to be arranged into groups or categories. This is useful when many objects exist in the storage environment and the administrator would like to concentrate on a specific set of them.
This section describes how to create and edit tags, assign them to hosts and search using the tags as criteria. Tags can be arranged in a hierarchy that matches a structure, to fit the requirements of the enterprise.
Administration Portal tags can be created, modified, and removed using the Tags pane.

Procedure 2.1. Creating a tag

  1. In tree mode or flat mode, click the resource tab for which you wish to create a tag. For example, Hosts.
  2. Click the Tags tab. Select the node under which you wish to create the tag. For example, click the root node to create it at the highest level. The New button is enabled.
  3. Click New at the top of the Tags pane. The New Tag dialog box displays.
  4. Enter the Name and Description of the new tag.
  5. Click OK. The new tag is created and displays on the Tags tab.

Procedure 2.2. Modifying a tag

  1. Click the Tags tab. Select the tag that you wish to modify. The buttons on the Tags tab are enabled.
  2. Click Edit on the Tags pane. The Edit Tag dialog box displays.
  3. You can change the Name and Description of the tag.
  4. Click OK. The changes in the tag display on the Tags tab.

Procedure 2.3. Deleting a tag

  1. Click the Tags tab. The list of tags will display.
  2. Select the tags to be deleted and click Remove. The Remove Tag(s) dialog box displays.
  3. The tags are displayed in the dialog box. Check that you are sure about the removal. The message warns you that removing the tags will also remove all descendants of the tags.
  4. Click OK. The tags are removed and no longer display on the Tags tab. The tags are also removed from all the objects to which they were attached.
Tags can be attached to hosts and users.

Procedure 2.4. Adding or removing a tag to or from one or more object instances

  1. Search for the objects that you wish to tag or untag so that they are among the objects displayed in the results list.
  2. Select one or more objects on the results list.
  3. Click the Assign Tags button on the tool bar or right-click menu option.
  4. A dialog box provides a list of tags. Select the check box to assign a tag to the object, or deselect the check box to detach the tag from the object.
  5. Click OK. The specified tag is now added or removed as a custom property of the selected objects.
A user-defined tag can be a property of any object (for example, a host), and a search can be conducted to find it.
To search for objects using tags:
  • Follow the search instructions in Section 2.2, “Search” , and enter a search query using “tag” as the property and the desired value or set of values as criteria for the search.
    The objects tagged with the tag criteria that you specified are listed in the results list.