5.4. Logical Networks and Permissions

5.4.1. Managing System Permissions for a Network

As the SuperUser, the system administrator manages all aspects of the Administration Portal. More specific administrative roles can be assigned to other users. These restricted administrator roles are useful for granting a user administrative privileges that limit them to a specific resource. For example ClusterAdmin has administrator privileges only for the assigned cluster.
A network administrator is a system administration role that can be applied for a specific network, or for all networks on a storage device, cluster or host. A network user can perform limited administration roles, such as viewing and attaching networks on a specific storage device or template. You can click the Configure button in the header bar to assign a network administrator for all networks in the environment.
The network administrator role permits the following actions:
  • Create, edit and remove networks.
  • Edit the configuration of the network, including configuring port mirroring.
  • Attach and detach networks from resources including clusters and host.
The user who creates a network is automatically assigned NetworkAdmin permissions on the created network. You can also change the administrator of a network by removing the existing administrator and adding the new administrator.

5.4.2. Network Administrator and User Roles Explained

Network Permission Roles

The table below describes the administrator and user roles and privileges applicable to network administration.

Table 5.4. Red Hat Gluster Storage Network Administrator and User Roles

Role Privileges Notes
NetworkAdmin Network Administrator for cluster or host. The user who creates a network is automatically assigned NetworkAdmin permissions on the created network. Can configure and manage the network of a particular cluster or host. A network administrator of a cluster inherits network permissions for storage devices within the cluster. To configure port mirroring on a storage device network, apply the NetworkAdmin role on the network.
NetworkUser Logical network and network interface user for virtual machine and template. Can attach or detach network interfaces from specific logical networks.