1.2. Red Hat Gluster Storage Console Resources

The Red Hat Gluster Storage Console manages the following resources within the management infrastructure to create a powerful, scalable storage environment.
  • Hosts - A host is a physical host (a physical machine) running Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.2. Servers are grouped into storage clusters. Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes are created on these clusters. The system and all its components are managed through a centralized management system.
  • Clusters - A cluster is a group of linked computers that work together closely, thus in many respects forming a single computer. Hosts in a cluster share the same network infrastructure and the same storage.
  • User - Red Hat Gluster Storage supports multiple levels of administrators and users with distinct levels of permissions. System administrators can manage and administer objects of the physical infrastructure, such as clusters, hosts, and volume.
  • Events and Monitors - Alerts, warnings, and other notices about activities within the system help the administrator to monitor the performance and operation of various resources.