Chapter 12. Monitoring Red Hat Gluster Storage Console

System administrators monitor the management environment to view the overall performance of cluster infrastructure. This helps identify key areas in the cluster environment that require attention or optimization. System administrators gain up-to-date information on the performance and status of storage environment components with the Events list.
The Events list lists all warnings, errors, and other events that occur in the system.

12.1. Viewing the Event List

The Events list displays all system events. You can view the events by clicking on Events tab. The type of events that appear in the Events tab are audits, warnings, and errors. The names of the user, host, cluster, and Gluster volume involved in the event are also listed. This information helps determine the cause of the event. Click column headers to sort the event list.
Event List - Advanced View

Figure 12.1. Event List - Advanced View

The following table describes the different columns of the Event list:
Column Description
The type of event. The possible event types are:
Audit notification (e.g. log on).
Warning notification.
Error notification.
The time that the event occurred.
The message describing that an event occurred.
The user that received the event.
The host on which the event occurred.
The cluster on which the event occurred.