Chapter 6. Managing Red Hat Gluster Storage Hosts

A host is a physical, 64-bit server with an Intel or AMD chipset running Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.2. You can add new hosts to a storage cluster to expand the amount of available storage.
A host on the Red Hat Gluster Storage:
  • Must belong to only one cluster in the system.
  • Can have an assigned system administrator with system permissions.


Red Hat Gluster Storage Console uses various network ports for management. These ports must be open on Red Hat Gluster Storage hosts. For a full list of ports, see the Red Hat Gluster Storage Console Installation Guide.

6.1. Hosts Properties

The Hosts tab provides a graphical view of all the hosts in the system.
Hosts Details Pane

Figure 6.1. Hosts Details Pane

Table 6.1. Hosts Properties

The selected cluster.
The host name.
The IP address or resolvable hostname of the host.