Chapter 1. Introduction

Red Hat Gluster Storage Console is management infrastructure that enables you to create a powerful, scalable storage environment.
It provides IT departments with the tools to meet the challenges of managing complex environments, and enables administrators to reduce the cost and complexity of large deployments. Red Hat Gluster Storage Console includes:
  • Support to quickly create and manage Red Hat Gluster Storage trusted storage pool and volumes.
  • Multilevel administration to enable administration of physical infrastructure and virtual objects.

1.1. System Components

The various components work together seamlessly to enable the system administrator to set up, configure, and maintain the storage environment via an intuitive graphical user interface.

1.1.1. Components

Red Hat Gluster Storage consists of one or more servers and at least one console. The system and all its components are managed through a centralized management system.

1.1.2. The Console

Red Hat Gluster Storage Console is a service that runs on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 servers, providing interfaces for controlling the Red Hat Gluster Storage. It manages user session login and logout, high availability and clustering systems. This is also referred to as the engine.

1.1.3. Hosts

Red Hat Gluster Storage Server is a trusted network of storage servers. When you start the first host, the storage pool consists of that host alone. You can add additional storage hosts to the cluster. Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes are created on these clusters. A cluster and all its components can be managed through the Console when a console agent (the VDSM service) is running on each member of the cluster.