Appendix B. Changing Passwords in Red Hat Gluster Storage Console

This appendix describes how to change passwords for the administrator user in the Administration Portal and Red Hat Gluster Storage Console PostgreSQL databases.

B.1. Changing the Password for the Administrator User

The admin@internal user account is automatically created on installing and configuring Red Hat Gluster Storage Console. This account is stored locally in the Red Hat Gluster Storage Console PostgreSQL database and exists separately from other directory services. Unlike IPA domains, users cannot be added to or deleted from the internal domain. The admin@internal user is the SuperUser for Red Hat Gluster Storage Console, and has administrator privileges over the environment via the Administration Portal.
During installation, you were prompted to set a password for the admin@internal user. However, if you have forgotten the password or choose to reset the password, you can use the rhsc-config utility.

Procedure B.1. Resetting the Password for the admin@internal User

  1. Log in to the Red Hat Gluster Storage Console server as the root user.
  2. Use the rhsc-config utility to set a new password for the admin@internal user. Run the following command:
    # rhsc-config -s AdminPassword=interactive
    After typing the above command, a password prompt displays for you to enter the new password.
    You do not need to use quotes. However, use escape shell characters if you include them in the password.
  3. Restart the ovirt-engine service to apply the changes. Run the following command:
    # service ovirt-engine restart