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19.6. Obtaining Node Information

A Red Hat Gluster Storage trusted storage pool consists of nodes, volumes, and bricks. The get-state command outputs information about a node to a specified file.
Using the command line interface, external applications can invoke the command on all nodes of the trusted storage pool, and parse and collate the data obtained from all these nodes to get an easy-to-use and complete picture of the state of the trusted storage pool in a machine parseable format.
Executing the get-state Command

The get-state command outputs information about a node to a specified file and can be invoked in different ways. The table below shows the options that can be used with the get-state command.

#  gluster get-state [odir path_to_output_dir] [file filename]
Usage:  get-state [options]

Table 19.4. get-state Command Options

Command Description
gluster get-state glusterd state information is saved in the /var/run/gluster/glusterd_state_time file appended with the time.
gluster get-state file file_name glusterd state information is saved in the /var/run/gluster/ directory and in the file name as specified in the command.
gluster get-state odir directory file file_name glusterd state information is saved in the directory and in the file name as specified in the command.
Interpreting the Output with Examples

Each invocation of the get-state command, it saves the information that reflect the node level status of the trusted storage pool as maintained in glusterd (no other daemons are supported as of now) to a file specified in the command. By default, the output will be dumped to /var/run/gluster/glusterd_state_timestamp file .

Each invocation of the get-state command provides the following information:

Table 19.5. Output Description

Section Description
Global Displays the UUID and the op-version of the glusterd.
Global options Displays cluster specific options that have been set explicitly through the volume set command.
PeersDisplays the peer node information including its hostname and connection status.
VolumesDisplays the list of volumes created on this node along with the detailed information on each volume.
ServicesDisplays the list of the services configured on this node along with its status.
MiscDisplays miscellaneous information about the node. For example, configured ports.
Example Output:
# gluster get-state
glusterd state dumped to /var/run/gluster/glusterd_state_20160921_123605

MYUUID: 1e20ed87-c22a-4612-ab04-90765bccaea5
op-version: 40000

[Global options]
cluster.server-quorum-ratio: 60

Peer1.uuid: dfc7ff96-b61d-4c88-a3ad-b6852f72c5f0
Peer1.state: Peer in Cluster
Peer1.connected: Connected
Peer2.uuid: dd83409e-22fa-4186-935a-648a1927cc9d
Peer2.state: Peer in Cluster
Peer2.connected: Connected

[Volumes] tv1 cf89d345-8cde-4c53-be85-1f3f20e7e410
Volume1.type: Distribute
Volume1.transport_type: tcp
Volume1.status: Started
Volume1.brickcount: 3
Volume1.Brick1.port: 49152
Volume1.Brick1.rdma_port: 0
Volume1.Brick1.status: Started
Volume1.Brick1.signedin: True
Volume1.snap_count: 0
Volume1.stripe_count: 1
Volume1.replica_count: 1
Volume1.subvol_count: 3
Volume1.arbiter_count: 0
Volume1.disperse_count: 0
Volume1.redundancy_count: 0
Volume1.quorum_status: not_applicable
Volume1.snapd_svc.online_status: Online
Volume1.snapd_svc.inited: True 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Volume1.rebalance.status: not_started
Volume1.rebalance.failures: 0
Volume1.rebalance.skipped: 0
Volume1.rebalance.lookedup: 0
Volume1.rebalance.files: 0 0Bytes
features.uss: on
transport.address-family: inet
performance.readdir-ahead: on
nfs.disable: on tv2 700fd588-6fc2-46d5-9435-39c434656fe2
Volume2.type: Distribute
Volume2.transport_type: tcp
Volume2.status: Created
Volume2.brickcount: 3
Volume2.Brick1.port: 0
Volume2.Brick1.rdma_port: 0
Volume2.Brick1.status: Stopped
Volume2.Brick1.signedin: False
Volume2.snap_count: 0
Volume2.stripe_count: 1
Volume2.replica_count: 1
Volume2.subvol_count: 3
Volume2.arbiter_count: 0
Volume2.disperse_count: 0
Volume2.redundancy_count: 0
Volume2.quorum_status: not_applicable
Volume2.snapd_svc.online_status: Offline
Volume2.snapd_svc.inited: False 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Volume2.rebalance.status: not_started
Volume2.rebalance.failures: 0
Volume2.rebalance.skipped: 0
Volume2.rebalance.lookedup: 0
Volume2.rebalance.files: 0 0Bytes
transport.address-family: inet
performance.readdir-ahead: on
nfs.disable: on tv3 97b94d77-116a-4595-acfc-9676e4ebcbd2
Volume3.type: Tier
Volume3.transport_type: tcp
Volume3.status: Stopped
Volume3.brickcount: 4
Volume3.Brick3.port: 49154
Volume3.Brick3.rdma_port: 0
Volume3.Brick3.status: Stopped
Volume3.Brick3.signedin: False
Volume3.Brick3.tier: Cold
Volume3.snap_count: 0
Volume3.stripe_count: 1
Volume3.replica_count: 2
Volume3.subvol_count: 2
Volume3.arbiter_count: 0
Volume3.disperse_count: 0
Volume3.redundancy_count: 0
Volume3.quorum_status: not_applicable
Volume3.snapd_svc.online_status: Offline
Volume3.snapd_svc.inited: True 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Volume3.rebalance.status: not_started
Volume3.rebalance.failures: 0
Volume3.rebalance.skipped: 0
Volume3.rebalance.lookedup: 0
Volume3.rebalance.files: 0 0Bytes
Volume3.tier_info.cold_tier_type: Replicate
Volume3.tier_info.cold_brick_count: 2
Volume3.tier_info.cold_replica_count: 2
Volume3.tier_info.cold_disperse_count: 0
Volume3.tier_info.cold_dist_leaf_count: 2
Volume3.tier_info.cold_redundancy_count: 0
Volume3.tier_info.hot_tier_type: Replicate
Volume3.tier_info.hot_brick_count: 2
Volume3.tier_info.hot_replica_count: 2
Volume3.tier_info.promoted: 0
Volume3.tier_info.demoted: 0
cluster.tier-mode: cache
features.ctr-enabled: on
transport.address-family: inet
performance.readdir-ahead: on
nfs.disable: on tv4 ad7260ac-0d5c-461f-a39c-a0f4a4ff854b
Volume4.type: Distribute
Volume4.transport_type: tcp
Volume4.status: Started
Volume4.brickcount: 2
Volume4.Brick2.hostname: tv4-snap_GMT-2016.11.24-12.10.15 2eea76ae-c99f-4128-b5c0-3233048312f2
Volume4.snapshot1.time: 2016-11-24 12:10:15
Volume4.snapshot1.status: in_use
Volume4.snap_count: 1
Volume4.stripe_count: 1
Volume4.subvol_count: 2
Volume4.arbiter_count: 0
Volume4.disperse_count: 0
Volume4.redundancy_count: 0
Volume4.quorum_status: not_applicable
Volume4.snapd_svc.online_status: Offline
Volume4.snapd_svc.inited: True 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Volume4.rebalance.status: not_started
Volume4.rebalance.failures: 0
Volume4.rebalance.skipped: 0
Volume4.rebalance.lookedup: 0
Volume4.rebalance.files: 0 0 0
features.uss: on
transport.address-family: inet
performance.readdir-ahead: on
nfs.disable: on

[Services] glustershd
svc1.online_status: Offline nfs
svc2.online_status: Offline bitd
svc3.online_status: Offline scrub
svc4.online_status: Offline quotad
svc5.online_status: Offline

Base port: 49152
Last allocated port: 49154