7.4. Disabling a Volume for use with Hadoop

To keep a volume available for Red Hat Gluster Storage workloads, but not accessible to Hadoop jobs, you can disable the volume for use with Hadoop. Disabling a volume means that Hadoop jobs no longer have access to any data contained in the target volume; however, non-Hadoop workloads will continue to have access to this volume. The target volume is not deleted nor in anyway made unavailable to Red Hat Gluster Storage access. At a later time, disabled volumes can be re-enabled by executing the enable_vol.sh script.
For information on enabling volumes using enable_vol.sh script, see Section 7.2.5, “Enabling Existing Volumes for use with Hadoop”.
A volume is disabled by modifying the /etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml file. Specifically, the volume's name is removed from the fs.glusterfs.volumes property list, and the fs.glusterfs.volume.fuse.volname property is deleted. All Ambari services are automatically restarted.
Perform the following steps to disable the volume:
  1. Open the terminal window of the server designated to be the Ambari Management Server and navigate to the /usr/share/rhs-hadoop-install/ directory.
  2. Run the Hadoop cluster configuration script as shown below:
    disable_vol.sh [-y] [--quiet | --verbose | --debug] [--hadoop-mgmt-node node] [--yarn-master node] [--rhs-node storage-node][--user admin-user] [--pass admin-password] VOLNAME
    For example,
    disable_vol.sh --rhs-node rhs-1.hdp --yarn-master yarn.hdp HadoopVol