Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 3.1-30Wed May 03 2016Laura Bailey
Moving kernel version check to be more timely, BZ#1322657.
Revision 3.1-26Tue Mar 1 2016Divya Muntimadugu
Version for RHGS 3.1 Update 2 release.
Revision 3.1-24Wed Feb 17 2016Laura Bailey
Updated glusterfs package version for RHGS 3.1.2.
Revision 3.1-23Fri Jan 29 2016Laura Bailey
Added notes about FUSE client compatibility and recommended repository use (BZ#1301058)
Revision 3.1-22Thu Jan 14 2016Sandra Mcardo
BZ-1295034: Updated the command in Using Subscription Manager.
Revision 3.1-21Tue Dec 15 2015Laura Bailey
Added version details table, BZ#1291527.
Corrected reference to version details table, BZ#1256734.
Added notes re. migration to thinly provisioned logical volumes, BZ#1259412.
Revision 3.1-20Tue Dec 08 2015Laura Bailey
Clarified meaning of 'previous release' in upgrade chapter, BZ#1256734.
Revision 3.1-19Fri Nov 20 2015Bhavana Mohan
Fixed Samba/CTDB related bugs
Revision 3.1-18Wed Nov 18 2015Laura Bailey
Samba does not support in-service upgrades, BZ#1282603.
Revision 3.1-17Mon Nov 02 2015Laura Bailey
Building for async docs update.
Revision 3.1-16Thu Oct 29 2015Laura Bailey
Added reminder to update op-version after upgrading all cluster nodes (BZ#1272874)
Clarified recommendation to move to thinly provisioned volumes (BZ#1260492)
Clarified upgrade instructions, removed unnecessary subscription-manager-migration commands, added notes about required versions (BZ#1272455)
Revision 3.1-7Thu Oct 01 2015Bhavana Mohan
Version for 3.1 Update 1 GA.
Revision 3.1-6Tue Aug 04 2015Bhavana Mohan
Added installation steps for RHGS on RHEL 7.
Revision 3.1-3Tue July 28 2015Ella Deon Ballard
Adding sort_order.
Revision 3.1-1Tue Jul 28 2015Bhavana Mohan
Version for 3.1 GA.