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Chapter 8. Upgrading your Container-Native Storage Environment

This chapter describes the procedure to upgrade your environment from OpenShift 3.2 or 3.3 to OpenShift 3.4.

8.1. Pre-upgrade Task

Ensure you perform the following step before proceeding with the upgrade process.
  1. Edit the glusterfs DeploymentConfig and Heketi DeploymentConfig to change the Strategy > type from Rolling to Recreate in the DeploymentConfig files.
    # oc edit deploymentconfig glusterfs-dc-<IP-ADDR/Hostname> 
    # oc edit deploymentconfig heketi
    For example:
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: DeploymentConfig
        resources: {}
          intervalSeconds: 1
          maxSurge: 25%
          maxUnavailable: 25%
          timeoutSeconds: 600
          updatePeriodSeconds: 1
        type: Recreate


Before upgrading your Container-Native Storage environment, you must ensure that you have upgraded and configured OpenShift Container Platform 3.4. For information on upgrading to OpenShift 3.4, see