25.7. Starting the Services Automatically

To configure the gluster-swift services to start automatically when the system boots, run the following commands:
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
# chkconfig memcached on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-proxy on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-account on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-container on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-object on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-object-expirer on
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7:
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-proxy.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-account.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-container.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-object.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-object-expirer.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-object-expirer.service
Configuring the gluster-swift services to start at boot time by using the systemctl command may require additional configuration. Refer to https://access.redhat.com/solutions/2043773 for details if you encounter problems.


You must restart all Object Store services servers whenever you change the configuration and ring files.