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25.7. Starting the Services Automatically

To configure the gluster-swift services to start automatically when the system boots, run the following commands:
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
# chkconfig memcached on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-proxy on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-account on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-container on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-object on
# chkconfig openstack-swift-object-expirer on
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7:
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-proxy.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-account.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-container.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-object.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-object-expirer.service
# systemctl enable openstack-swift-object-expirer.service
Configuring the gluster-swift services to start at boot time by using the systemctl command may require additional configuration. Refer to for details if you encounter problems.


You must restart all Object Store services servers whenever you change the configuration and ring files.