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16.11. Accessing Snapshots

Snapshot of a Red Hat Gluster Storage volume can be accessed only via FUSE mount. Use the following command to mount the snapshot.
mount -t glusterfs <hostname>:/snaps/<snapname>/parent-VOLNAME /mount_point
  • parent-VOLNAME - Volume name for which we have created the snapshot.
    For example,
    # mount -t glusterfs myhostname:/snaps/snap1/test_vol /mnt
Since the Red Hat Gluster Storage snapshot volume is read-only, no write operations are allowed on this mount. After mounting the snapshot the entire snapshot content can then be accessed in a read-only mode.


NFS and CIFS mount of snapshot volume is not supported.
Snapshots can also be accessed via User Serviceable Snapshots. For more information see, Section 16.13, “User Serviceable Snapshots”


External snapshots, such as snapshots of a virtual machine/instance, where Red Hat Gluster Storage Server is installed as a guest OS or FC/iSCSI SAN snapshots are not supported.