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16.5. Getting Information of all the Available Snapshots

The following command provides the basic information of all the snapshots taken. By default the information of all the snapshots in the cluster is displayed:
# gluster snapshot info [(<snapname> | volume VOLNAME)]
  • snapname - This is an optional field. If the snapname is provided then the information about the specified snap is displayed.
  • VOLNAME - This is an optional field. If the VOLNAME is provided the information about all the snaps in the specified volume is displayed.
For Example:
# gluster snapshot info snap3
Snapshot                  : snap3
Snap UUID                 : b2a391ce-f511-478f-83b7-1f6ae80612c8
Created                   : 2014-06-13 09:40:57
Snap Volumes:

     Snap Volume Name          : e4a8f4b70a0b44e6a8bff5da7df48a4d
     Origin Volume name        : test_vol1
     Snaps taken for test_vol1      : 1
     Snaps available for test_vol1  : 255
     Status                    : Started