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Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Gluster Storage

Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 3.1-52Tue May 10 2016Laura Bailey
Removing all instances of unsupported option arbiter_count.
Minor edits to block zeroing.
Revision 3.1-50Mon May 09 2016Bhavana Mohan
Bugs fixed for the 3.1.2 async release.
Revision 3.1-48Thu Mar 31 2016Bhavana Mohan
Edited the AWS related chapter, BZ#1317488.
Revision 3.1-45Wed Mar 16 2016Laura Bailey
Correcting notes about expanding replicated volumes, BZ#1317726.
Added detail to native client upgrade process, BZ#1310973.
Revision 3.1-41Fri Feb 26 2016Bhavana Mohan
Version for the 3.1.2 GA.
Revision 3.1-40Thu Jan 14 2016Sandra Mcardo
BZ-1283539: Added admonition note in the Adding Servers to the Trusted Storage Pool section.
Revision 3.1-39Tue Dec 22 2015Laura Bailey
Corrections to bitrot restore procedure from bhubbard, BZ#1287921.
Revision 3.1-38Tue Dec 22 2015Laura Bailey
Added further details to bitrot restore procedure, BZ#1287921.
Revision 3.1-37Tue Dec 15 2015Laura Bailey
Rewrote process for restoring a corrupted file, BZ#1287921.
Revision 3.1-36Tue Dec 01 2015Laura Bailey
Added further details to bitrot scrubber status command, BZ#1270819.
Corrected command syntax to add spaces after prompt indicator, BZ#1257135.
Revision 3.1-34Wed Nov 18 2015Laura Bailey
Additional prerequisites for Object Store, BZ#1278787.
Corrected unit used to define metadata pool size, BZ#1262891.
Revision 3.1-30Fri Nov 06 2015Laura Bailey
Synchronised firewall and port instructions, BZ#1265983.
Provided additional information about extended attributes, BZ#1257135.
Revision 3.1-28Mon Nov 02 2015Bhavana Mohan
Fixed BZ#1270276, BZ#1270242, BZ#1266020, and BZ#1260106.
Revision 3.1-27Fri Oct 30 2015Laura Bailey
Updated channel and repository details for native client, BZ#1267447.
Rewrote BitRot chapter and added details on status command, BZ#1270819.
Revision 3.1-24Thu Oct 01 2015Bhavana Mohan
Version for 3.1 Update 1 GA release.
Revision 3.1-23Wed Sep 02 2015Divya Muntimadugu
Fixed BZ#1245918
Revision 3.1-22Mon Aug 31 2015Divya Muntimadugu
Fixed BZ#1254569 and BZ#1253240
Revision 3.1-20Wed Aug 05 2015Anjana Suparna Sriram
Fixed BZ#1250028
Revision 3.1-15Tue Aug 04 2015Rakesh Ghatvisave
Fixed BZ# 1217307
Revision 3.1-14Fri July 31 2015Divya Muntimadugu
Fixed BZ# 1248016
Revision 3.1-12Wed July 29 2015Ella Deon Ballard
Test rebuild.
Revision 3.1-11Wed July 29 2015Divya Muntimadugu
Version for 3.1 GA release.