Chapter 1. Overview of JBoss Fuse on JBoss EAP Deployment

You can deploy Fuse applications on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP), after installing the Fuse on EAP package into the JBoss EAP container.

This part describes the deployment model using the Camel on EAP subsystem. Apache Camel in Fuse enables you to select the container to run an integrated application.


Red Hat JBoss EAP features a range of application deployment and configuration options to cater both administrators and developers. For more information about JBOSS EAP configuration and the deployment process, refer Red Hat JBoss EAP Configuration Guide.

1.1. Supported Product Versions

To see the latest version of JBoss EAP that supports Fuse 7.9, refer to the Supported Configurations page.

1.2. Camel on EAP Subsystem

The Camel on EAP subsystem integrates Apache Camel directly into the JBoss EAP container. This subsystem is available after you install the Fuse on EAP package into the JBoss EAP container. It offers many advantages for Camel deployment, including simplified deployment of Camel components and tighter integration with the underlying JBoss EAP container.

Red Hat recommends you to use the Camel on EAP Subsystem deployment model for deployment of Apache Camel applications on JBoss EAP.