Chapter 1. Fuse 7.6 Product Overview

1.1. Fuse distributions

Fuse 7.6 is provided in the form of three different distributions, as follows:

Fuse standalone

The classic distribution of Fuse, supported on multiple operating systems. This distribution is supported for the following container types:

  • Apache Karaf
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
  • Spring Boot
Fuse on OpenShift

The distribution of Fuse for running integration applications on OpenShift (supported on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system). In this case, the supported container types are provided in the form of docker-formatted container images:

  • Java image (for Spring Boot)
  • Apache Karaf image
  • JBoss EAP image
Fuse Online

The distribution of Fuse for non-expert integrators with a simplified workflow accessed through a browser based UI. This distribution is available for the following kinds of deployment:

  • Pre-installed on the OpenShift Online Professional tier
  • On a Red Hat Managed Integration cluster
  • For installation on an on-premises OpenShift cluster

1.2. New features

Fuse 7.6 includes several major component upgrades and a large selection of new features. For details, consult the new features sections for each of the Fuse distributions:

1.3. Supported Configurations

For information about supported configurations, standards, and components in version 7.6, see the following Customer Portal articles: