Chapter 8. Issues Resolved in Fuse 7.5.1

The Fuse 7.5.1 release resolves Fuse Online integration upgrade issues. You need the Fuse 7.5.1 release only if you want to upgrade Fuse Online 7.4 integrations to 7.5. In other words, Red Hat Fuse 7.5.1 is not a full release. It contains updates for only the operator that controls Fuse Online.

The following table lists the issues that are resolved in Fuse 7.5.1.

Table 8.1. Fuse 7.5.1 resolved issues



Upgrade 7.4 → 7.5 stuck because of missing komodo image


Postgres upgrade from 9.5 to 9.6 won’t use the old data dir


OAuth Proxy SAR cannot be overridden in Fuse Online 1.5