Chapter 12. Changing the Camel version

As you work with a Fuse tooling project, you might want to change the Camel version that it uses. This can be helpful, for example, if you want to use a feature supported in a more recent Camel version or if you want to use a community version.

To change the Camel version that a project uses:

  1. In Project Explorer, right-click the project for which you want to change the Camel version and select ConfigureChange Camel Version.
  2. In the Change Camel Version window, to the right of the Camel Version field, click the down caret to display available Camel versions.

    To use a community version of Apache Camel, you enter its version number, for example, 2.19.2.

  3. Select or enter the version you want and click Finish.

Fuse Tooling checks whether the version you selected is available and supported by Fuse Tooling. If it is then Fuse Tooling changes the Camel version and saves the project’s updated pom.xml file. You receive an error message if the Camel version that you select is not available or not supported.

You can check the project’s Camel version in its pom.xml file, in the <camel.version> element.