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Chapter 99. FHIR XML DataFormat

Available as of Camel version 2.21Available as of Camel version 2.21

The FHIR-XML Data Format leverages HAPI-FHIR’s XML parser to parse to/from XML format to/from a HAPI-FHIR’s IBaseResource.

99.1. FHIR XML Format Options

The FHIR XML dataformat supports 2 options which are listed below.

NameDefaultJava TypeDescription




The version of FHIR to use. Possible values are: DSTU2,DSTU2_HL7ORG,DSTU2_1,DSTU3,R4




Whether the data format should set the Content-Type header with the type from the data format if the data format is capable of doing so. For example application/xml for data formats marshalling to XML, or application/json for data formats marshalling to JSon etc.