Chapter 3. Configuring the Fuse Console

You can configure the Fuse Console as described in the following sections:

3.1. Changing the Fuse Console branding

You can change the branding name and image for the Fuse Console on:


On OpenShift, after you add the Red Hat Fuse Console application to an OpenShift project, follow these steps to update the branding.

  1. In the OpenShift web console, open the project that contains the Fuse Console application.
  2. Select ResourcesConfig Maps.
  3. In the list of Config Maps, select the Fuse Console config map.

    The hawtconfig.json file opens in the editor view. For example:

    mf fc configmap

    In the about section, you can edit the text that appears in the Fuse Console About modal window, which is accessible from the Help menu.

    In the branding section, you can edit the image that appears in the vertical navigation bar of the Fuse Console and the title of the Fuse Console browser tab.

  4. Select ActionsEdit, and then edit the configuration.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Redeploy the Fuse Console application.
  7. Open the URL for the new Fuse Console deployment to view the branding changes.


On Karaf, edit the following files:

  • The hawtconfig.json file in the Fuse Console’s war file (karaf-install-dir/system/io/hawt/hawtio-war/version/hawtio-war-version.war):

      "branding": {
        "appName": "Red Hat Fuse Console",
        "appLogoUrl": "img/hawtio-logo.svg",
        "companyLogoUrl": "img/hawtio-logo.svg"
      "about": {
        "title": "Red Hat Fuse Console",
        "productInfo": [],
        "additionalInfo": "",
        "copyright": "",
        "imgSrc": "img/hawtio-logo.svg"
      "disabledRoutes": []
  • The war file’s style sheet (.css) file to modify other aspects of the Fuse Console UI.

If you have already run the Fuse Console in a web browser, the branding is stored in the browser’s local storage. To use new branding settings, you must clear the browser’s local storage.

3.2. Ensuring that data displays correctly in the Fuse Console

If the display of the queues and connections in the Fuse Console is missing queues, missing connections, or displaying inconsistent icons, adjust the Jolokia collection size parameter that specifies the maximum number of elements in an array that Jolokia marshals in a response.

  1. In the upper right corner of the Fuse Console, click the user icon and then click Preferences.

    mf preferences
  2. Increase the value of the Maximum collection size option (the default is 50,000).
  3. Click Close.