Chapter 1. Install Fuse on JBoss EAP


Before you install Fuse:


Fuse on JBoss EAP is not supported with Domain mode.


Red Hat recommends that you back up your system settings and data before undertaking any of the configuration tasks mentioned in this book.

Install Fuse using Installer

  1. Download the Red Hat Fuse 7.2 on EAP Installer package:

    1. Browse to the Red Hat Fuse Software Downloads page on the Red Hat Customer Portal and, when prompted, log in to your customer account.
    2. Select version 7.2 from the Version dropdown menu and click the Download link for the Red Hat Fuse 7.2 on EAP Installer package.
  2. Navigate to $EAP_HOME in a clean instance of JBoss EAP, where EAP_HOME is the root directory of the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform installation on which Fuse is deployed.
  3. Run the downloaded installer with the following command:

    java -jar TEMP_LOCATION/fuse-eap-installer-7.2.0.fuse-720018-redhat-00002.jar

Once a datastore has been selected at installation, it cannot be changed.