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Chapter 22. ssh

22.1. ssh:ssh

22.1.1. Description

Connects to a remote SSH server

22.1.2. Syntax

ssh:ssh [options] hostname [command]

22.1.3. Arguments



The host name to connect to via SSH


Optional command to execute

22.1.4. Options



Display this help message

-P, --password

The password for remote login

-p, --port

The port to use for SSH connection


Quiet Mode. Do not ask for confirmations

-r, --retries

retry connection establishment (up to attempts times)

-l, --username

The user name for remote login

-k, --keyfile

The private keyFile location when using key login, need have BouncyCastle registered as security provider using this flag

22.2. ssh:sshd

22.2.1. Description

Creates a SSH server

22.2.2. Syntax

ssh:sshd [options]

22.2.3. Options



Display this help message

-b, --background

The service will run in the background

-p, --port

The port to setup the SSH server

-i, --idle-timeout

The session idle timeout in milliseconds

-w, --welcome-banner

The welcome banner to display when logging in

-n, --nio-workers

The number of NIO worker threads to use