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Chapter 5. Customizing the Fuse Console branding

You can customize the Fuse Console branding information, such as title, logo, and login page information, by using the Fuse Console branding plugin.

By default, the Fuse Console branding is defined in the hawtconfig.json that is located in the Fuse Console WAR file (karaf-install-dir/system/io/hawt/hawtio-war/<version>/hawtio-war-<version>.war). When you implement the Fuse Console branding plugin, you can override the default branding with your own custom branding.


  1. Download the branding plugin example from to a local directory of your choice.
  2. In an editor of your choice, open the Fuse Console branding plugin’s src/main/webapp/plugin/brandingPlugin.js file to customize the Fuse Console branding.

    You can change the values of the configuration properties listed in Table A.1, “Fuse Console Configuration Properties”.

  3. Save your changes.
  4. In an editor of your choice, open the Fuse Console branding plugin’s pom.xml file to its <parent> section:

  5. Edit the <parent> section as follows:

    1. Change the value of the <version> property to match the version of your Fuse on Karaf installation. For example, if your Fuse on Karaf installation directory name is 2.0.0.fuse-760015, set the version to 2.0.0.fuse-760015.
    2. Remove the <relativePath>../..</relativePath> line.

      For example:

          <version> 2.0.0.fuse-760015</version>
  6. In a Terminal window, build the branding-plugin project by running the following command:

    mvn clean install
  7. If Fuse is not already running, start it by running the following command:

    Linux/Unix: bin/fuse

    Windows: bin\fuse.bat`

  8. At the Karaf CLI prompt, type the following command to install the Fuse Console branding plugin (where <version> is the version of your Fuse on Karaf installation):

    Linux/Unix: install -s mvn:io.hawt/branding-plugin/<version>/war

    Windows: install -s mvn:io.hawt\branding-plugin\<version>\war

  9. In a web browser, open the Fuse Console by using the URL that the start command returned in Step 7 (the default URL is http://localhost:8181/hawtio/).

If you have already run the Fuse Console in a web browser, the branding is stored in the browser’s local storage. To use new branding settings, you must clear the browser’s local storage.