Chapter 7. Viewing and managing JMX domains and MBeans

Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a Java technology that allows you to manage resources (services, devices, and applications) dynamically at runtime. The resources are represented by objects called MBeans (for Managed Bean). You can manage and monitor resources as soon as they are created, implemented, or installed.

With the JMX plugin on the Fuse Console, you can view and manage JMX domains and MBeans. You can view MBean attributes, run commands, and create charts that show statistics for the MBeans.

The JMX tab provides a tree view of the active JMX domains and MBeans organized in folders. You can view details and execute commands on the MBeans.


  1. To view and edit MBean attributes:

    1. In the tree view, select an MBean.
    2. Click the Attributes tab.
    3. Click an attribute to see its details.
  2. To perform operations:

    1. In the tree view, select an MBean.
    2. Click the Operations tab, expand one of the listed operations.
    3. Click Execute to run the operation.
  3. To view charts:

    1. In the tree view, select an item.
    2. Click the Chart tab.