Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Fuse

Chapter 1. Choose the sample integration to create first

You can create the sample integrations in any order. To help you decide which one to try first, the following table compares them.


Twitter to Salesforce

Salesforce to Database


What it does

Captures and filters tweets that mention a particular Twitter user. For tweets that contain specified text, the integration passes data related to the tweet to Salesforce and Salesforce creates a new contact.

Captures updates in Salesforce and then calls a database stored procedure to synchronize a particular database table with the Salesforce updates.

Obtains delivery records from an AMQ broker, executes a custom step to identify any items that were damaged when they were received, and connects to a REST API to provide contact information for vendors of damaged items.

What you learn about

Connecting to Twitter and Salesforce, how Fuse Online interfaces with applications that use the OAuth protocol, mapping data fields received from one application to fields that the next connected application in the integration can operate on, filtering data to determine whether to continue integration execution.

Connecting to Salesforce and a SQL database, OAuth support, data mapping, how to update a SQL database as part of an integration.

Connecting to an AMQ broker and a REST API, data mapping, uploading extensions for a step and for a REST API client connector, using a custom step and a custom API client connection.

Average minutes to complete




Notes about the time

This includes the time needed to obtain Twitter and Salesforce accounts. It does not include 5 - 12 minutes of waiting for Salesforce registration to take effect and for Fuse Online to start running the integration.

20 minutes includes the time needed to obtain a Salesforce developer account but not the time spent waiting. If you already created the Twitter to Salesforce sample then it takes 10 minutes to create this integration.

This does not include the time it takes for Fuse Online to start running the integration.


Twitter developer account, Salesforce developer account

Salesforce developer account