Red Hat Training

A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Fuse

Chapter 2. Get Started for Administrators

If you are an OpenShift administrator, you can prepare an OpenShift cluster for Fuse on OpenShift deployments by installing the Fuse on OpenShift images and templates as described here.

2.1. Prepare the OpenShift Server

  1. Start the OpenShift Server.
  2. Log in to the OpenShift Server as an administrator, as follows:

    oc login -u system:admin
  3. Install the Fuse on OpenShift image streams. Enter the following commands at a command prompt:

    oc create -n openshift -f ${BASEURL}/fis-image-streams.json
  4. Install the quickstart templates. Enter the following commands at a command prompt:

    for template in eap-camel-amq-template.json \
     eap-camel-cdi-template.json \
     eap-camel-cxf-jaxrs-template.json \
     eap-camel-cxf-jaxws-template.json \
     eap-camel-jpa-template.json \
     karaf-camel-amq-template.json \
     karaf-camel-log-template.json \
     karaf-camel-rest-sql-template.json \
     karaf-cxf-rest-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-amq-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-config-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-drools-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-infinispan-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-rest-sql-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-teiid-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-xa-template.json \
     spring-boot-camel-xml-template.json \
     spring-boot-cxf-jaxrs-template.json \
     spring-boot-cxf-jaxws-template.json ;
     oc create -n openshift -f \${template}
  5. Install the templates for Fuse Console (Hawtio). Enter the following commands at a command prompt:

    oc create -n openshift -f
    oc create -n openshift -f

    For information on deploying the Fuse Console, see Managing Fuse.