6.4. Removing a Host from a Self-Hosted Engine Environment

If you wish to remove a self-hosted engine host from your environment, you will need to place the host into maintenance, disable the HA services, and remove the self-hosted engine configuration file.

Procedure 6.14. Removing a Host from a Self-Hosted Engine Environment

  1. In the Administration Portal, click the Hosts tab. Select the host and click Maintenance to set the host to the local maintenance mode. This action stops the ovirt-ha-agent and ovirt-ha-broker services.
  2. Log in to the host and disable the HA services so the services are not started upon a reboot:
    # systemctl disable ovirt-ha-agent
    # systemctl disable ovirt-ha-broker
  3. Remove the self-hosted engine configuration file:
    • RHEL-based hypervisor:
      # rm /etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/hosted-engine.conf
    • RHEV-H:
      # unpersist /etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/hosted-engine.conf
      # rm /etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/hosted-engine.conf
  4. In the Administration Portal, select the same host, and click Remove to open the Remove Host(s) confirmation window. Click OK.