9.3. Migrating the Data Warehouse Database to a Separate Machine

Optionally migrate the ovirt_engine_history database before you migrate the Data Warehouse service. This procedure uses pg_dump to create a database backup, and psql to restore the backup on the new database machine. The pg_dump command provides flexible options for backing up and restoring databases; for more information on options that may be suitable for your system, see the pg_dump manual page.
The following procedure assumes that a PostgreSQL database has already been configured on the new machine. To migrate the Data Warehouse service only, see Section 9.4, “Migrating the Data Warehouse Service to a Separate Machine”.


If the existing Data Warehouse database is connected to an existing Reports service, you must reconfigure that service by running engine-setup and entering the details of the new Data Warehouse database when prompted. If you do not do this, the Reports service is still connected to the old database, and does not receive any new data.

Procedure 9.3. Migrating the Data Warehouse Database to a Separate Machine

  1. On the existing database machine, dump the ovirt_engine_history database into a SQL script file:
    # pg_dump ovirt_engine_history > ovirt_engine_history.sql
  2. Copy the script file from the existing database machine to the new database machine.
  3. Restore the ovirt_engine_history database on the new database machine:
    # psql -d ovirt_engine_history -f ovirt_engine_history.sql
    The command above assumes that the database on the new machine is also named ovirt_engine_history.