16.4. Sub-Collections

16.4.1. Statistics Sub-Collection

Each floating disk exposes a statistics sub-collection for disk-specific statistics. Each statistic contains the following elements:

Table 16.2. Elements for virtual machine disk statistics

Element Type Description
name string The unique identifier for the statistic entry.
description string A plain text description of the statistic.
unit string The unit or rate to measure the statistical values.
type One of GAUGE or COUNTER The type of statistic measures.
values type= One of INTEGER or DECIMAL The data type for the statistical values that follow.
value complex A data set that contains datum.
datum see values type An individual piece of data from a value.
disk id= relationship A relationship to the containing disk resource.
The following table lists the statistic types for floating disks.

Table 16.3. Disk statistic types

The data transfer rate in bytes per second when reading from the disk.
The data transfer rate in bytes per second when writing to the disk.

Example 16.3. An XML representation of a virtual machine's statistics sub-collection

    <statistic id="33b9212b-f9cb-3fd0-b364-248fb61e1272"
        <description>Read data rate</description>
        <values type="DECIMAL">
        <disk id="f28ec14c-fc85-43e1-818d-96b49d50e27b" 


This statistics sub-collection is read-only.