9.6. Actions

9.6.1. Force Remove Data Center Action

An API user forces the removal of a data center when encountering unresolvable problems with storage domains, such as the loss of connection to a master storage domain or a lack of available hosts when deleting storage domains. The API includes a force action to help with these situations.
This action removes database entries associated with a chosen data center before the API removes the data center from the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment. This means the API removes the data center regardless of associated storage domains.
This action requires a DELETE method. The request body contains an action representation with the force parameter set to true. The request also requires an additional Content-type: application/xml header to process the XML representation in the body.

Example 9.16. Force remove action on a data center

DELETE /api/datacenters/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/xml
Content-type: application/xml

This action:
  • Deletes all database information for data storage domains associated the data center;
  • Deletes all database information for resources, such as virtual machines and templates, on data storage domains associated the data center;
  • Detaches iso and export storage domains from the data center; and
  • Deletes the database information for the data center.
This action overrides the requirement for a data center to be empty before deletion.


This action only removes the database entries for resources associated with the data center. The data storage domains associated with the data center require manual format before reuse. Metadata for iso and export domains require manual cleaning prior to use on another data center.