Chapter 18. Virtual Machine Pools

18.1. Virtual Machine Pool Elements

The vmpools collection provides information about the virtual machine pools in a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment. An API user accesses this information through the rel="vmpools" link obtained from the entry point URI.
The following table shows specific elements contained in a virtual machine pool resource representation.

Table 18.1. Virtual machine pool elements

Element Type Description Properties
name string A user-supplied, human readable name for the pool. The name is unique across all pool resources.
description string A user-supplied, human readable description of the virtual machine pool.  
link rel="permissions" relationship A link to the permissions sub-collection for virtual machine pool permissions.  
size integer The number of virtual machines in the pool.
cluster id= GUID A reference to the cluster resource in which virtual machines in this pool run.
template id= GUID A reference to the template resource on which virtual machines in this pool are based.
prestarted_vms integer The number of prestarted virtual machines in the virtual machine pool.  
max_user_vms integer The maximum number of virtual machines any one user can take from the virtual machine pool.  


The API as documented in this chapter is experimental and subject to change. It is not covered by the backwards compatibility statement.