Chapter 13. Storage Connections

13.1. Storage Connection Elements

Table 13.1. Storage Connection Base Elements

Element Type Description Properties
type One of nfs, posixfs, local, or iscsi The type of storage domain.
address string The hostname or IP address of the storage domain.
(Only required for NFS and iSCSI)
host string The id or name of the hypervisor. The host is optional. Providing it will attempt a connection to the storage via the host; not providing it will lead to persisting storage details in the database.

Table 13.2. Storage Connection File-based Storage Elements

Element Type Description Properties
path string The mounted file path of the storage domain. The path cannot be updated to one already used by a storage connection.
mount_options string The options for mounting the PosixFS share.  
vfs_type string The Linux-supported file system type of the PosixFS share.
nfs_version string The version of NFS used.  
nfs_timeo integer The amount of time, in deciseconds, the NFS client will wait for a request to complete.  
nfs_retrans integer The number of retransmissions the NFS client will attempt to complete a request.  

Table 13.3. Storage Connection iSCSI elements

Element Type Description Properties
port integer The TCP port used for the iSCSI storage domain.
target string The target IQN for the storage device.
username string A CHAP user name for logging into a target.  
password string A CHAP password for logging into a target.