Chapter 23. MAC Address Pools

23.1. MAC Address Pool Elements

The macpools collection provides information about the MAC address pools in a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization environment. An API user accesses this information through the rel="macpools" link obtained from the entry point URI. The following table shows specific elements contained in a MAC address pool resource representation.

Table 23.1. MAC address pool elements

Element Type Description Properties
name string A plain text, human-readable name for the MAC address pool.
description string A plain text, human-readable description of the MAC address pool.
allow_duplicates Boolean: true or false Defines whether duplicate MAC addresses are permitted in the pool. If not specified, allow_duplicates defaults to false.
default_pool Boolean: true or false Defines whether this is the default pool. If not specified, default_pool defaults to false.
ranges complex Defines the range of MAC addresses for the pool. Multiple ranges can be defined within the ranges element.