Chapter 25. Events

25.1. Event Elements

The rel="events" link obtained from the entry point URI accesses the events collection and lists system events from Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.

Table 25.1. Event elements

Element Type Description
description string A description of the system event
code integer The integer event code.
severity One of normal, warning, error or alert The level of severity for the event.
time xsd:dateTime format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss The timestamp indicating when the event happened.
correlation_id string The identification string for an action that is spread across layers of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
user id= GUID The identification code for the user who triggered the event.
origin string The source of the event. Standard events are reported by oVirt.
custom_id integer A custom identification number for custom events. Standard events have a custom_id of -1.
flood_rate integer The time, in seconds, during which the same event cannot reoccur in the event list. The default value is 30.
external_status complex The external health status of a host. Contains the state element, which can be one of ok, info, error, warning, or failure.