11.2. Updating Overcloud and Discovery Images

This procedure ensures you have the latest images for node discovery and Overcloud deployment. Obtain these new images from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform downloads page on the Red Hat Customer Portal at https://access.redhat.com/downloads/content/191/ver=7.0/rhel---7/7.0/x86_64/product-downloads. See Section 3.7, “Obtaining Images for Overcloud Nodes” for more information on obtaining and extracting the image archives.
Download these images to the images directory on the stack user's home (/home/stack/images). After obtaining these images, follow this procedure to replace the images:

Procedure 11.1. Updating Images

  1. Remove the existing images from the director.
    $ openstack image list
    $ openstack image delete [IMAGE-UUID] [IMAGE-UUID] [IMAGE-UUID] [IMAGE-UUID] [IMAGE-UUID]
  2. Import the latest images into the director.
    $ cd ~/images
    $ openstack overcloud image upload --update-existing
    $ openstack baremetal configure boot
The director is now updated and using the latest packages and images. You do not need to restart any services after the update.