Chapter 9. Rebooting the Overcloud

Some situations require a reboot of nodes in the undercloud and overcloud. The following procedures show how to reboot different node types. Be aware of the following notes:
  • If rebooting all nodes in one role, it is advisable to reboot each node individually. This helps retain services for that role during the reboot.
  • If rebooting all nodes in your OpenStack Platform environment, use the following list to guide the reboot order:

Recommended Node Reboot Order

  1. Reboot the director
  2. Reboot Controller nodes
  3. Reboot Ceph Storage nodes
  4. Reboot Compute nodes
  5. Reboot object Storage nodes

9.1. Rebooting the Director

To reboot the director node, follow this process:
  1. Reboot the node:
    $ sudo reboot
  2. Wait until the node boots.

When the node boots, check the status of all services:
$ sudo systemctl list-units "openstack*" "neutron*" "openvswitch*"

Verify the existence of your Overcloud and its nodes:
$ source ~/stackrc
$ nova list
$ ironic node-list
$ heat stack-list