5.3. Default Director Plans

The director contains a Heat template collection within its database. This is stored as a plan. To view a list of plans in the director:
$ openstack management plan list
This shows one plan: overcloud, which is our Overcloud configuration. To view more details in the Overcloud plan:
$ openstack management plan show [UUID]
You can also download and view the Heat template files for the Overcloud plan. Use the following commands to download the Heat templates from the plan into a directory in the stack users templates directory.
$ mkdir ~/templates/overcloud-plan
$ openstack management plan download [UUID] -O ~/templates/overcloud-plan/
This collection contains the main Heat template (plan.yaml) and an environment file (environment.yaml). The template collection also contains various directories and template files registered as resources in the environment file.
This plan-based template is used to create the Overcloud in the Test Overcloud Scenario.