Appendix J. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 7.3-18Thu Jun 15 2017Dan Macpherson
Adding note regarding multiple bonds on a bridge
Revision 7.3-17Thu Mar 30 2017Dan Macpherson
Emphasis added to stack update command
Revision 7.3-16Wed Sep 21 2016Dan Macpherson
Fixing another OSD mapping
Revision 7.3-15Wed Sep 21 2016Dan Macpherson
Correction to OSD layout
Revision 7.3-14Mon Aug 22 2016Dan Macpherson
Adding note about disk space for Undercloud
Revision 7.3-13Tue Aug 16 2016Dan Macpherson
Revising fencing section for clarity
Revision 7.3-12Thu Aug 4 2016Dan Macpherson
Backporting Scaling Chapter from OSP 8 Director Installation and Usage Guide
Revision 7.3-11Thu Jun 16 2016Dan Macpherson
Adding note for SAN support
Revision 7.3-10Fri May 27 2016Dan Macpherson
Adding note about UEFI boot mode support for nodes
Revision 7.3-9Tue Apr 26 2016Dan Macpherson
Minor updates
Revision 7.3-8Fri Apr 8 2016Dan Macpherson
Adding Removal Protection
Revision 7.3-7Fri Apr 8 2016Dan Macpherson
Missing sudo access for some Ceph commands
Revision 7.3-6Tue Apr 5 2016Dan Macpherson
Test build
Revision 7.3-5Tue Apr 5 2016Dan Macpherson
Added Ceph Storage replacement instructions
Revision 7.3-4Thu Mar 3 2016Dan Macpherson
Adding Repository Requirements for Satellite
Revision 7.3-3Wed Mar 2 2016Dan Macpherson
Minor change to DNS listing for SSL
Revision 7.3-2Tue Mar 1 2016Dan Macpherson
Restructuring node scaling content
Revision 7.3-1Thu Feb 18 2016Dan Macpherson
Adding new content for OpenStack Platform director 7.2
Added SSL/TLS for Overcloud instructions
Added Satellite 5 registration for Overcloud information
Added log list
Various minor fixes
Revision 7.2-1Sun Dec 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding new content for OpenStack Platform director 7.2, including new update procedure, registration information, and various minor additions.
Revision 7.1-14Wed Dec 16 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding NFS option for SELinux context
Revision 7.1-13Tue Dec 15 2015Dan Macpherson
Minor changes to custom Puppet config section
Revision 7.1-12Fri Dec 11 2015Dan Macpherson
Correction to nova migration commands
Revision 7.1-11Fri Dec 11 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding admonition for LACP issue
Revision 7.1-10Tue Dec 8 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding information about deprecation of LACP on OVS
Revision 7.1-9Wed Dec 2 2015Dan Macpherson
Corrections to custom preconfiguration content
Revision 7.1-7Tue Dec 1 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding ExtraConfig resources and hiera data params
Revision 7.1-6Mon Nov 30 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding fixes for replacing HA Controller node routine
Revision 7.1-5Thu Nov 19 2015Dan Macpherson
Updating documentation for OSPd 7y2
Revision 7.1-4Wed Oct 14 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding stack update instructions
Adding UCS Fencing link
Revision 7.1-2Fri Oct 9 2015Martin Lopes
Added note about entitlement consumption during deployments
Revision 7.1-1Fri Oct 9 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding stack update instructions
Revision 7.1-2Fri Oct 9 2015Dan Macpherson
Changes to the upgrade process
Revision 7.1-1Fri Oct 9 2015Dan Macpherson
Fixing download link
Revision 7.1-0Thu Oct 8 2015Dan Macpherson
Static IP for Provisioning network
New validation methods
Revision 7.0-18Wed Oct 7 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding clarification for --reg-sat-url parameter
Revision 7.0-17Tue Oct 6 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding clarifications for networking and image uploading
Revision 7.0-16Tues Oct 6 2015Martin Lopes
Added troubleshooting advice for duplicate IP addresses in the Provisioning network.
Revision 7.0-15Fri Oct 2 2015Dan Macpherson
Minor corrections
Revision 7.0-14Thu Oct 1 2015Dan Macpherson
Added sudo access for AHC Tools
Revision 7.0-13Mon Sep 28 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding extra fencing devices
Revision 7.0-12Fri Sep 25 2015Dan Macpherson
Corrected Admin and Public IP settings
Added yum-plugin-priorities documentation to avoid repository and package conflicts
Various minor fixes and revisions
Revision 7.0-11Thu Sep 24 2015Dan Macpherson
Added new instructions for registering and configuring new nodes for scaling
Revised External network creation in post-deployment section
Minor corrections
Revision 7.0-10Fri Sep 18 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding commands for single node introspection and registering additional nodes
Revision 7.0-9Fri Sep 11 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding troubleshooting advice for Overcloud post-creation
Revision 7.0-8Tue Sep 8 2015Dan Macpherson
Fixing pxe_ssh instructions
Correcting NeutronExternalNetworkBridge syntax for Basic and Advanced scenarios
Adding missing baremetal flavor creation
Providing correct SELinux context for SSL certificate
Adding introspection progress command
Adding Ceph customization requirements
Revision 7.0-7Mon Aug 24 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding fixes to GUI Test Scenario
Removing Tuskar-based content (except for Test Scenario)
Revision 7.0-6Mon Aug 17 2015Dan Macpherson
Added instructions on unpacking image archive
Minor corrections
Revision 7.0-5Mon Aug 10 2015Dan Macpherson
Adding additional storage environment fix
Minor corrections
Revision 7.0-4Thu Aug 6 2015Dan Macpherson
Modifying text for -i option when updating Overcloud packages
Revision 7.0-3Thu Aug 6 2015Dan Macpherson
Updating warning about environment files
Correcting SELinux rule for SSL
Updating Overcloud image links
Revision 7.0-2Wed Aug 5 2015Dan Macpherson
Building with new sort order
Revision 7.0-1Wed May 20 2015Dan Macpherson
Initial draft of documentation