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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Chapter 1. Introduction to hardware program policies

Use this guide to understand the certification process, the policies pertaining to hardware certification, and the process followed by the Red Hat Hardware Certification Team to create hardware test plans.

1.1. Audience

The Red Hat Hardware Certification Program Policy Guide is intended for hardware vendors interested in certifying hardware with Red Hat. A strong working knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is required. A Red Hat Certified Engineer accreditation is preferred and suggested before participating.

1.2. Overview of the program

The Red Hat Hardware Certification Program provides a formal means for you to work with Red Hat to establish official support for your hardware. Certified hardware is supported by Red Hat’s Global Support Services (GSS) and is published in the Red Hat Certification Ecosystem Catalog.

During the certification process, Red Hat engineers create a test plan that defines the hardware criteria required to achieve certification. Red Hat engineers follow the process described in Overview of test plan to create a test plan suitable for your hardware specifications.

A description of the hardware certification process can be found in the Overview of certification process.

1.3. Certification prerequisites

To verify that you are eligible to join the Hardware Certification Program, a summary of the most important policies are as follows:

  • Red Hat certifies hardware models, but not specific configurations of a model. It is expected to test all optional hardware configurations that are designated as part of the same model.
  • Testing must be performed with a standard installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux without special configuration or additional software, including drivers that are not provided by Red Hat.
  • Certifications are currently available for:

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux  version 7.x and version 8.x for 64-bit x86, IBM Power Big/Little-Endian, Power9 (LE), IBM System z, and ARM.
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Compute 16.
    • Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.x.
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time 7 and 8.
    • Red Hat Virtualization.

The IBM Power9 (LE) and ARM architectures require an approved collaborative partnership to have been established to be eligible for certification. Your Engineering Partner Manager (EPM) should be consulted for further details, and discussion.

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