Chapter 3. RHEL System Roles for SAP

RHEL System Roles for SAP is a set of roles executable by Anisble that can assist you with configuring your local or remote hosts (managed nodes) for the installation of SAP HANA.

3.1. Installing Ansible Core

RHEL subscriptions provide support for RHEL System Roles for SAP with Ansible Core, which is available in the RHEL 9 Appstream repository.

If you already have an Ansible Automation Platform or Ansible Core package installed, you can skip this step and proceed to Installing RHEL System Roles for SAP.


  • System administrator access


  • Install the ansible-core package:

    # dnf install ansible-core

3.2. Installing RHEL System Roles for SAP

RHEL System Roles for SAP include sap_general_preconfigure,sap_netweaver_preconfigure, and sap_hana_preconfigure. These roles can be used to configure the local or remote managed nodes.


  • System administrator access
  • You have installed the Ansible Core package or Ansible Automation Platform


  • Install RHEL System Roles for SAP and RHEL System Roles:

    # dnf install rhel-system-roles-sap rhel-system-roles

3.3. System configuration with RHEL System Roles for SAP

The RHEL System Roles for SAP provide a quick, easy, and consistent method for performing the configuration of your server according to applicable SAP notes for SAP HANA.

3.3.1. Configuring a local managed node

If the Ansible Engine is installed on the same host on which you want to install SAP HANA, perform the steps outlined in this procedure to configure your local managed node.


  • System administrator access


  1. Create a file named sap-hana.yml with the following content:

    - hosts: localhost
        ansible_connection: local
        sap_general_preconfigure_max_hostname_length: 64
        sap_general_preconfigure_reboot_ok: false
        sap_general_preconfigure_fail_if_reboot_required: false
        sap_hana_preconfigure_reboot_ok: false
        sap_hana_preconfigure_fail_if_reboot_required: false
        sap_hana_preconfigure_update: true
        - sap_general_preconfigure
        - sap_hana_preconfigure

    The correct indentation and the use of spaces instead of tabs is essential for YAML files.


    The line sap_general_preconfigure_max_hostname_length: 64 is only required if your hostname (hostname -s) is longer than 13 characters and if you are not using this system for an SAP ABAP Platform instance. Without this line, the role sap_general_preconfigure will fail its hostname check because a hostname with more than 13 characters is not allowed for an SAP ABAP Platform instance as per SAP note 611361.

  2. Run the sap-hana.yml Ansible playbook:

    # ansible-playbook sap-hana.yml -e 'ansible_python_interpreter=/usr/libexec/platform-python'

    This will configure this system according to the applicable SAP notes for SAP HANA on RHEL 9.

  3. After the ansible-playbook command has finished successfully, reboot the system:

    # reboot

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