This book details tuning information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time.
Many industries and organizations need extremely high performance computing and may require low and predictable latency, especially in the financial and telecommunications industries. Latency, or response time, is defined as the time between an event and system response and is generally measured in microseconds (μs).
For most applications running under a Linux environment, basic performance tuning can improve latency sufficiently. For those industries where latency not only needs to be low, but also accountable and predictable, Red Hat has now developed a 'drop-in' kernel replacement that provides this. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time provides seamless integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and offers clients the opportunity to measure, configure, and record latency times within their organization.
You will need to have the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time kernel installed before you begin the tuning procedures in this book. If you have not yet installed the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time kernel, or need help with installation issues, read the Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Real Time Installation Guide.