Chapter 44. Technology Previews

  • containernetworking-plugins now available

    The Container Network Interface (CNI) project consists of a specification and libraries for writing plug-ins for configuring network interfaces in Linux containers, along with a number of supported plug-ins. CNI concerns itself only with network connectivity of containers and removing allocated resources when the container is deleted.

    The containernetworking-plugins package is now available as a technology preview. It is a dependency of the podman tool, and will remain as a technology preview until podman becomes fully supported.

  • LiveFS now available

    Previously, layering packages on Atomic Host required a reboot for the software to be available on the system. The LiveFS feature removes the need to reboot, making layered packages available instantly.

    See Package Layering for more information and usage instructions.

  • Identity Management in a container

    Identity Management (IdM) in a container is provided as a Technology Preview. To install this new image, use the atomic install --hostname <IPA_server_hostname> rhel7/ipa-server command. In addition to --hostname, The atomic install command supports the following keywords for specifying the style of the container to be run:

    • net-host - share the host’s network to the container
    • publish - publish all ports to the host’s interfaces
    • cap-add - add a capability to the container

    You can also use the atomic install rhel7/ipa-server help command to list these keywords and their usage.