Chapter 43. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7.2

43.1. Atomic Host

OStree update:

New Tree Version: 7.2 (hash: ec85fba1bf789268d5fe954aac09e6bd58f718e47a2fcb18bf25073b396e695d)
Changes since Tree Version 7.1.6 (hash: 23d96474f6775c27cf258e9872330b23f20e80ff4e0b61426debd00ca11a953f)

43.2. Extras

Updated packages:

  • atomic-1.6-6.gitca1e384.el7
  • cockpit-0.77-3.1.el7
  • docker-1.8.2-8.el7
  • flannel-0.5.3-8.el7
  • kubernetes-1.0.3-0.2.gitb9a88a7.el7
  • python-docker-py-1.4.0-118.el7
  • python-websocket-client-0.32.0-116.el7
  • storaged-2.2.0-3.el7 *

New packages:

  • docker-distribution-2.1.1-3.el7 *

The asterisk (*) marks packages which are available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux only.

43.2.1. Container Images


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Container Image (rhel7/rhel)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Tools Container Image (rhel7/rhel-tools)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic rsyslog Container Image (rhel7/rsyslog)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic sadc Container Image (rhel7/sadc)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic cockpit-ws Container Image (rhel7/cockpit-ws)


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic etcd Container Image (rhel7/etcd)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Kubernetes-controller Container Image (rhel7/kubernetes-controller-mgr)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Kubernetes-apiserver Container Image (rhel7/kubernetes-apiserver)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Kubernetes-scheduler Container Image (rhel7/kubernetes-scheduler)

43.3. New Features

  • docker has been upgraded to version 1.8.2

    Notable changes:

    • docker now displays a warning message if you are using the loopback device as a backend storage option.
    • The docker info command now shows the rpm version of the client and server.
    • The default mount propagation is Slave instead of Private. This allows volume (bind) mounts, to be altered on the host and the new mounts show up inside of the container.
    • The --add-registry and --block-registry options have been added. This allows additional registries to be specified in addition to in /etc/sysconfig/docker.
    • You can now inspect the content of remote repositories and check for newer versions. This functionality is implemented in the atomic verify command from the atomic command-line tool.
  • flannel has been upgraded to version 0.5.3

    Notable changes:

    • flannel’s network prefix was changed from to
    • flannel’s behavior when the first ping packet was lost has been fixed.
    • The flanneld.service now starts after the network is ready.
  • Cockpit has been rebased to version 0.77

    Notable changes:

    • Cockpit now displays the limit for the number of supported hosts when adding servers to the dashboard.
    • Cleaner bookmarkable URLs.
    • Includes basic SSH key authentication functionality.
    • Basic interactions with multipath storage have been fixed.
    • When password authorization is not possible, Cockpit displays an informative message.
    • Authentication now works when embedding Cockpit.
  • Removed systemd socket activation

    For security reasons, systemd socket activation, which was supported in earlier versions of docker, has been removed. Now, it is not recommended to use the docker group as a mechanism for talking to the docker daemon as a non-privileged user. Instead, set up sudo for this type of access. If the docker daemon is not running after the upgrade, create the /etc/sysconfig/docker.rpmnew file, add any local customization to it and replace /etc/sysconfig/docker with it. Additionally, remove the -H fd:// line from /etc/sysconfig/docker if it is present.