Chapter 3. Checking disk space using IdM Healthcheck

You can monitor the Identity Management server’s free disk space using the Healthcheck tool.

For details, see Healthcheck in IdM.

3.1. Disk space healthcheck test

The Healthcheck tool includes a test for checking available disk space. Insufficient free disk space can cause issues with:

  • Logging
  • Execution
  • Backups

The test checks the following paths:

Table 3.1. Tested paths

Paths checked by the testMinimal disk space in MB













To list all tests, run the ipa-healthcheck with the --list-sources option:

# ipa-healthcheck --list-sources

You can find the file system space check test under the ipahealthcheck.system.filesystemspace source:


This test checks available disk space in the following ways:

  • The minimum raw free bytes needed.
  • The percentage — the minimum free disk space is hardcoded to 20%.

3.2. Screening disk space using the healthcheck tool

Follow this procedure to run a standalone manual test of available disk space on an Identity Management (IdM) server using the Healthcheck tool.

Since Healthcheck includes many tests, you can narrow the results by:

  • excluding all successful test: --failures-only
  • including only space check tests: --source=ipahealthcheck.system.filesystemspace


  • To run Healthcheck with warnings, errors and critical issues regarding available disk space, enter:

    # ipa-healthcheck --source=ipahealthcheck.system.filesystemspace --failures-only

A successful test displays empty brackets:


As an example, a failed test can display:

  "source": "ipahealthcheck.system.filesystemspace",
  "check": "FileSystemSpaceCheck",
  "result": "ERROR",
  "kw": {
    "msg": "/var/lib/dirsrv: free space under threshold: 0 MiB < 1024 MiB",
    "store": "/var/lib/dirsrv",
    "free_space": 0,
    "threshold": 1024

The failed test informs you that the /var/lib/dirsrv directory has run out of space.

Additional resources

  • See man ipa-healthcheck.