Chapter 1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 content

1.1. Repositories

Content in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is made available through the following content repositories:

In addition, specific content is available through the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Add-on repositories:

1.2. Types of Content

There are two primary types of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 content.

1.2.1. Traditional content

Traditional content is released as RPMs and is, unless specified otherwise, supported for the life of the release in accordance with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle.

1.2.2. Application Streams

Certain user space components distributed in the AppStream repository are Application Streams. Application Streams are delivered on a cadence that is suitable for each package, which makes the distribution diversified. Application Streams offer multiple versions of a single package for installation within RHEL 9, which is an improvement over previous methods of making multiple versions of packages available. RHEL 9 also consolidates previous distribution channels to a single place.

Depending on the needs of the individual Application Stream, packaging for these components is implemented in a number of forms:

  • RPMs
  • Modules
  • Software Collections.

For detailed information on the length of Application Streams support, see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Application Streams Life Cycle. For information about the other components or packages in the AppStream repository, see the Scope of Coverage Details document.