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Chapter 11. Configuring VLANs in the web console

VLANs (Virtual LANs) are virtual networks created on a single physical Ethernet interface. Each VLAN is defined by an ID which represents a unique positive integer and works as a standalone interface.

Learn how to create VLANs in the RHEL web console.


  • The RHEL web console is installed and accessible. For details, see Installing the web console.
  • Having a network interface in your system.


  1. Log in to the RHEL web console.

    For details, see Logging in to the web console.

  2. Open Networking.
  3. Click the Add VLAN button.
  4. In the VLAN Settings dialog box, select the physical interface for which you want to create a VLAN.
  5. Enter the VLAN Id or just use the predefined number.
  6. In the Name field, you can see a predefined name consisted of the parent interface and VLAN Id. If it is not necessary, leave the name as it is.

    cockpit VLAN settings final

  7. Click Apply.

Verification Steps

  • Go to Networking and check that your new VLAN is visible in the Interfaces table.

    cockpit new VLAN final

To configure the network settings, click the newly created VLAN in the table.