Chapter 12. Removing the trust using the command line

Follow this procedure to remove the Identity Management (IdM)/Active Directory (AD) trust on the IdM side using the command line interface.



  1. Use the ipa trust-del command to remove the trust configuration from IdM.

    [root@server ~]# ipa trust-del ad_domain_name
    Deleted trust "ad_domain_name"
  2. Remove the trust object from your Active Directory configuration.

Removing the trust configuration does not automatically remove the ID range IdM has created for AD users. This way, if you add the trust again, the existing ID range is re-used. Also, if AD users have created files on an IdM client, their POSIX IDs are preserved in the file metadata.

To remove all information related to an AD trust, remove the AD user ID range after removing the trust configuration and trust object:

# ipa idrange-del AD.EXAMPLE.COM_id_range
# systemctl restart sssd

Verification steps

  • Use the ipa trust-show command to confirm that the trust has been removed.

    [root@server ~]# ipa trust-show
    ipa: ERROR: trust not found