Chapter 15. Removing an ID range after removing a trust to AD

If you have removed a trust between your IdM and Active Directory (AD) environments, you might want to remove the ID range associated with it.


IDs allocated to ID ranges associated with trusted domains might still be used for ownership of files and directories on systems enrolled into IdM.

If you remove the ID range that corresponds to an AD trust that you have removed, you will not be able to resolve the ownership of any files and directories owned by AD users.


  • You have removed a trust to an AD environment.


  1. Display all the ID ranges that are currently in use:

    [root@server ~]# ipa idrange-find
  2. Identify the name of the ID range associated with the trust you have removed. The first part of the name of the ID range is the name of the trust, for example AD.EXAMPLE.COM_id_range.
  3. Remove the range:

    [root@server ~]# ipa idrange-del AD.EXAMPLE.COM_id_range
  4. Restart the SSSD service to remove references to the ID range you have removed.

    [root@server ~]# systemctl restart sssd