Chapter 15. High availability and clusters

The following chapter contains the most notable changes to high availability and clusters between RHEL 8 and RHEL 9.

15.1. Notable changes to high availability and clusters

pcs commands that support the clufter tool have been removed

The pcs commands that support the clufter tool for analyzing cluster configuration formats have been removed. The following commands have been removed:

  • pcs config import-cman for importing CMAN / RHEL6 HA cluster configuration
  • pcs config export for exporting cluster configuration to a list of pcs commands which recreate the same cluster

pcs suppport for OCF Resource Agent API 1.1 standard

The pcs command-line interface now supports OCF 1.1 resource and STONITH agents. As part of the implementation of this support, any agent’s metadata must comply with the OCF schema, whether the agent is an OCF 1.0 or OCF 1.1 agent. If an agent’s metadata does not comply with the OCF schema, pcs considers the agent invalid and will not create or update a resource of the agent unless the --force option is specified. The pcsd Web UI and pcs commands for listing agents now omit agents with invalid metadata from the listing.

New pcs parsing requires meta keyword when specifying clone meta attributes

To ensure consistency in the pcs command format, configuring clone meta attributes with the pcs resource clone, pcs resource promotable, and pcs resource create commands without specifying the meta keyword is now deprecated.

Previously, the meta keyword was ignored in the pcs resource clone and pcs resource promotable commands. In the pcs resource create command, however, the meta attributes specified after the meta keyword when it followed the clone keyword were assigned to the resource rather than to the clone. With this updated parsing algorithm, meta attributes specified after the meta keyword when it follows the clone keyword are assigned to the clone. To maintain compatibility with existing scripts which rely on the older format, you must specify the --future command option to enable this new argument processing when creating a cloned resource with the pcs resource create command.

The following command now creates a resource with the meta attribute mv=v1 and a clone with the meta attribute mv=v2:

pcs resource create dummy1 ocf:pacemaker:Dummy meta m1=v1 clone meta m2=v2 --future